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POPULAR  ELECTRICALS  &  TRADING  COMPANY  is in operation  for  the last one decade  in Qatar. The inception  of PET was  in year  2001.  The unbeaten  track  record  in trading   coupled  with  a pool  of  experienced hands  with   profound   knowledge   in  the  field,  has  helped  Popular  to place  themselves   as one  of  the  leading  players  in  local  market  for electricals  products.

We take pride in projecting  the company  as one stop shop for all electri- cal requirements  be it for small household  customers  or industrial customers.  PET is the distributor  of most of the leading electrical  brands from across the world.

The Project Division is responsible  for  managing  the major  projects  in Qatar. Project  Division  is  liable  for  allocating   and  utilizing   electrical resources   in  an  efficient   manner   and  maintaining   the   relationship through  prompt  response to their valued  requirements.
The target  of wholesale  division  is to focus on electrical  traders  across the  country  and support  them  for  various  electrical  needs.  Our sales executives  reach out to every nook and corner of Qatar market.
Through 4 showrooms   in different   parts  of Qatar, PET carries  out  its retail sales activities.  These outlets  serve  both walk  in customers  and regular customers.